Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hair Care (Salon Edition)

I’ve heard it said many times that if you’re going to invest in an accessory, make it your hair because you’re going to be wearing it everyday! I think this is actually pretty sound advice and most of the time, I think I do a good job of looking after my locks. To be completely honest though, I know I can be pretty hard on it, especially considering the frequency with which I color and heat-style it. Luckily, there are some really fabulous products out there to help repair and restore your hair! 
Despite the fact that I lighten my hair, blow dry it, and use either a flat iron or curling iron on it every day, I would say my hair is in pretty good condition. Genetically, I’ve inherited naturally thin hair, although I’ve been told by many stylists that there’s still a lot of it on my head! In any case, this means that whenever I’m shopping for any hair care products to help restore moisture and softness to my hair, I have to be ultra careful about making sure I don’t pick anything that will weigh my strands down. On a daily basis, my absolute favorite shampoo and conditioner is the Kevin Murphy Angel Wash and Angel Rinse, which is specifically designed for fine, color treated hair like mine. Oh, and it also smells really nice too! Even my boyfriend noticed it, and he’s the kind of guy who would only say something if he either really liked it, or really didn’t like it. 
Since my hair is blonde, I also like to use a toning shampoo and deep conditioning treatment in my repertoire to avoid getting too brassy or dried out. My favorite combination right now is the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash, which is a lavender infused shampoo, and the Kérastase Chroma Riche Masque, which is an incredibly rich, luxurious miracle worker! 
Now, unless you’re one of the very rare few who let their hair air-dry every day, it is absolutely necessary to incorporate some kind of heat protection into your routine. I alternate between the Kevin Murphy Young Again oil, and the Kérastase Keratine Thermique. You only need a small, dime-sized amount of either product, which you work through your hair (starting with the ends) before blow-drying. After that, I either flat-iron, or curl my hair, depending on my mood or the occasion.  
I almost always wear my hair down, and rarely (if ever) use hair spray or mousse. However, one product I do like to use, is serum. Since my hair is fine, I always have to be careful to only use a very small amount, and never anything too heavy. Luckily, I seem to have found my holy grail product with the Kérastase Elixir-Ultime Thé Imperial oil, which is designed for color treated hair. It might seem like a lot of products, and certainly not cheap, but if you’re putting your hair through the ringer, you’re definitely going to want to invest in quality products to keep it looking healthy and beautiful.

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