Sunday, April 26, 2015

Statement Necklaces

So I have to admit, when it comes to jewelry, I tend to lean more towards the ‘minimalist’ side, rather than the ‘blingy’ side. In fact, when it comes to accessories in general, I like to keep a “less is more” kind of mentality. I’m not saying that wearing a lot of accessories is a bad thing in any way, because truthfully, I think that some women can pull it off quite well, I just find that personally, it’s not in my style comfort zone. Generally speaking, I almost never wear more than one or two pieces of jewelry. On a day to day basis, I wear earrings (my go-to pair are small gold hoops), and occasionally a complimentary necklace. I would love to be able to wear rings and bracelets more often, but as beautiful as they are, they tend to get in the way if you work at all with your hands. 

In any case, one accessory I am really excited about working into my wardrobe, are statement necklaces. Now, statement necklaces are certainly nothing new, but because they have become such a popular accessory, there is a much better selection out there now than there was say, two or three years ago. Besides their obvious aesthetic appeal, I think one of the things that really appeals to me about statement necklaces, is that they have the same kind of easy, pulled together look that a dress does. Like a dress, a statement necklace is something you can easily put on in order to take your outfit up a notch. In fact, one of my favorite ways to style a statement necklace is to pair it with a neutral colored top in order to make it the focal point of the look.

For spring, I’m really pining after bright jewel tone colored statement necklaces like the Kate Spade “Glitzy Spritz” or the BP. “Cabuchon” necklace in light blue. In terms of how to accessorize the rest of your outfit, it’s generally a good idea to keep things light. 

For instance, if you’re going to wear a classic white tee, cropped denim jeans, wedge sandals, and a coral statement necklace, then I would suggest going with small stud earrings (either gold or matching coral drops maybe?), and maybe, if you’re feeling particularly bold, a gold bangle or two. Similarly, if you’re wearing that same coral statement necklace with a bold watercolor print dress like this one here, then I would suggest keeping the rest of your accessories even more minimal.

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