Monday, June 1, 2015

Big News!

Even though it was rainy and overcast for the past two days, I still had an incredible weekend! Add to the fact that today is the very first day of June (my favorite month, due in large part to my birthday on the 14th), and I am having a really fantastic Monday!

So the question is, what's my big news? ...

On Saturday, May 30th, Ryan and I went to the movies (we saw Aloha), followed by a nice dinner at home, and then a walk along the river by our apartment. He had originally planned for us to go out to sushi for dinner, but silly me, I turned it down! His plan was to recreate the little things that brought us together in Vancouver, like going out for sushi (we went every single week!), watching movies together, and going for walks along a wooded path (where he had first confessed he loved me!). So, after getting appropriately dressed for the weather, we headed out for what I thought was a routine walk along our path by the river. At one point, we stopped at a clearing where a few swans were swimming alongside us. I know he didn't plan for the swans, but it was a very beautiful bit of luck that they were there at that exact moment! Anyway, when I turned around from looking out at the river, there he was, down on one knee! He pulled the ring out of his wallet and explained how walking along this path reminded him of how we fell in love in Vancouver. I was so shocked and excited, it took me a few seconds to process what was really going on! He actually had to ask me if I would marry him twice since I was so excited I had forgotten to actually say yes at first! It was the perfect proposal and I have to admit, I couldn't help but cry tears of joy! 

I love you so much Ryan! I am so excited to be engaged to such a wonderful man, and I can't wait to become your wife!

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