Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Color Profile: Pink

Pink! Few colors are nearly as notorious or controversial! For some, pink invokes feelings of excitement and femininity, while for others, it only serves to repulse them. I won't get into a lengthy discussion of colors and gender association, but I think it's fairly well understood, that pink has been (and continues to be), for the most part, associated with girls and women. 

The color itself, is quite beautiful, blending the purity of white with the intensity of red. There are a number of incredible shades of pink to choose from, including everything from blush to magenta. The more bold the look, the brighter the pink! One of the things I personally enjoy about the color pink, is that (depending on the shade), it is highly versatile when it comes to accessories. For instance, if you're wearing a light pink shade like rose, I would recommend wearing silver or pearl jewelry. If you're wearing a brighter pink shade like fuscia, I would recommend going with yellow gold or turquoise jewelry.  

Much like purple, the color pink is versatile and can be worn dressed up or dressed down. I tend to opt for soft, light shades of pink if I'm looking for a more dressed down look, while going with brighter, more vibrant shades of pink for a more dressed up look. Generally speaking, the more the color is featured in the look, the more dressed up it will be. For example, wearing blue jeans, a neutral top, and bright pink heels, looks more casual than a bright pink dress with only a few accessories. In terms of coloring, pink can be flattering on warm and cool toned skin, as well as women with blonde, or brunette hair. There are underlying tones in every shade of pink, that determine whether it's warm or cool. Being able to identify between the two will help determine which shades will be the most flattering.

If you're looking to incorporate the color pink into your outfit, but you're not quite sure how to style it, I would suggest keeping things simple. Start out with a few pink pieces that you can pair with soft neutrals like white or ivory. For example, try pink shorts with a simple white t-shirt for a pretty take on a classic look. Alternatively, denim and chambray offer a cool textural contrast, while stripes provide a unique complimentary addition to your look. Considering pink is such a beautiful color to play with, the most important thing to keep in mind is to have fun with it! 

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