Friday, June 19, 2015

What To Wear: Outdoor Wedding

We are officially in the heat of wedding season! If you happen to be one of the lucky individuals who has received an invitation (or many!) to a summer wedding, congratulations! Attending a wedding can be a lot of fun, and celebrating the love and union of two people is a joyous occasion! 

When it comes to figuring out what you're going to wear to the wedding, things can get a bit tricky. You don't want to look like a bridesmaid, and you don't want to upstage the bride. You don't want to be too formal, but you also don't want to look too casual. Then you have to consider things like venue and weather. Will the ceremony and reception be entirely outdoors? Is the forecast predicting rain? Even as a guest, weddings can be stressful! 

So, in the first installment of my What To Wear (Wedding Edition) series, I'm offering up suggestions for how to dress for an outdoor wedding. All dresses and shoes featured in this post are available at Le Chateau
First up, I've got a bright fuchsia pink dress, paired with pink floral pointed toe pumps, and gold dangle earrings. The bright dress in a classic shape is bold, without drawing too much attention, while the floral heels add a fun and feminine flare to the look that's perfect for a garden wedding.
Secondly, I've got a rich purple chiffon strapless dress, paired with white ankle strap heeled sandals, and a chunky pearl necklace. The look is very classic and elegant, with the richness of the purple dress being offset by the delicate nature of pearls and white sandals. 
Next up, I've got a metallic look, featuring a rose gold sparkle dress, gold wedge embellished sandals, and a gold evening clutch. The look is elegant without being too fancy, while the mix of the rose gold dress with the yellow gold accessories is modern and fun. 
Finally, I've got a bold play on a classic silhouette. A black dress, paired with bright pops of color like fuchsia pink plays to the excitement and fun of a wedding, while maintaining the sophisticated tone of the look. 

Considering the venue is outside, you're going to want to focus on simplicity with a twist, while always maintaining your own comfort. Low heels, preferably wedges are a good choice since you won't have to worry about them getting stuck in the grass. Classic shapes with fun accessories offer a fun twist on traditional styles. After all, you're at a wedding! So have fun!


  1. Stunning dresses!! That hot pink dress is my favorite. I would definitely grab it for my sister’s engagement party. We haven’t found any good outdoor venue yet so now we are planning to look some affordable reception halls in Atlanta for this party.

    1. The hot pink is definitely stunning! I especially love it paired with the floral pumps! I've never been to Atlanta but my husband and I are going to Savannah next summer and we can't wait! I'm sure your sisters wedding will be beautiful!