Friday, July 3, 2015

A to Z Survey

Good morning and happy Friday!

Today I'm doing an alphabetical survey I found on Julie's blog that I thought would be a fun post for the end of the work week!

Feel free to post some of your own answers to the survey in the comments section below!

A (age): 24.

B (biggest fear): Losing a loved one. 

C (current time): 10:11 am.

D (drink you had last): Coffee, although I'm still drinking my second cup as I write this!

E (easiest person to talk to): Ryan

F (favorite song): This is tough! Depends on my mood! Whenever I'm feeling down, Ryan always plays "I see the Light" from Disney's Tangled, and I almost instantly feel better.

G (grossest memory): Hmm..growing up with two younger brothers you would think I would have plenty to choose from but I'm drawing a blank. 

H (hometown): Kingston, Ontario!

I (in love with): Ryan of course!

J (jealous of): People who don't seem to have to worry about money. Come on! Who wouldn't want that?!

K (kindest person you know): My mother.

L (longest relationship): Well, I've been a daughter to my parents for 24 years, does that count?

M (middle name): Emma. 

N (number of siblings): 2 younger brothers, although they are now both much taller than me!
Two very goofy younger brothers!
O (one wish): To live a happy and fulfilling life surrounded by the love of my family and friends.

P (person you spoke to last on the phone): Hmm..I guess that would be my brother Monty on Canada Day. I tried using Face Time for my first time ever, and honestly, I prefer either having a regular phone conversation without video, or a video Skype call instead. 

Q (question you're always asked): How's work going? Or, of course, some wedding related inquiry! 

R (reason to smile): So many to choose from! I'm going with waking up beside my fiancée Ryan every morning!

S (song you last sang): I wouldn't call it singing, but I have been humming the Jurassic Park theme music A LOT lately!

T (time you woke up): Well, I was awake at 6:00 am but I didn't get out of bed until 8:00 am

U (underwear color): Strange question but I'll go along with it..that would be navy.

V (vacation destination): So many great choices! Ryan and I would like to go to Charleston, SC, and Savannah, GA for our honeymoon so I'll pick those two. We also would really love to go to Hawaii at some point too!
Charleston & Savannah

W (worst habit): Picking at my cuticles. It's a silly habit but I wish I would just leave them alone!

X (x-rays you've had): Whenever I'm at the dentist, as well as when I broke my collarbone back when I was in grade 4. 

Y (your favorite food): For a long time it was shrimp and chicken wings, but I guess my favorite food indulgence is chocolate.

Z (zodiac): Gemini


  1. A - age 50, 11 months
    B - Biggest fear is losing anyone connected to me too young, esp. my kids or students.
    C-current time is 9:12 am, Saturday July 4
    D - last drink was a lovely morning coffee
    E - easiest person to talk to, after myself, my husband James
    F - favourite song? Currently I like Shut up and Dance, but there are lots of songs
    G -grossest memory? Ewww not sharing that!
    H - hometown? Kingston, Ontario
    I - in love with James
    J - jealous of? Mostly people who get recognized for 'their work' when it was really their connections.
    K - kindest person? My sister. She's always so kind to me, supporting and encouraging me.
    L - longest relationship? Love relationship with James! 18 years!
    M - middle name? Ruth
    N - number of siblings? 6
    O - one wish? That I and my family are each happy with themselves and their lives.
    P - person I last spoke on the phone was the pharmacist at Shopper's Drugmart.
    Q- question I'm always asked? How are you?
    R - reason to smile? I like smiling, there's next to no reason not too!
    S - song I last sang? Good morning...good morrrrning! It's great to stay up late...good morning ...good you!
    T - time I woke up? 5:30 am but I went back to sleep
    U - underwear colour? Not wearing any yet!
    V- vacation? I'd like to do a circumnavigation cruise of the British Isles with James
    W - worst habit? Picking my cuticles...nasty
    X - x-rays? Teeth, and leg I broke as a child
    Y - your favourite food? Potatoes
    Z - zodiac? Leo

    1. Haha! I knew I inherited my "worst habit" of cuticle picking from you mum! ;)