Thursday, July 30, 2015

Favorite Seasons + Throwback Thursday

After two very hot and humid days here in Ottawa, it looks like things will finally be cooling off a bit thanks to some much needed rain! I love summer, don't get me wrong, but it's actually not my favorite season. If I had to rank them all in order, I would say my favorite is spring, followed by fall, then summer, and finally winter. I know it's early, but I am kind of looking forward to fall already! Since I'm such a visual person, I think spring and fall appeal to me so much because they are such visually stunning seasons. In spring, buds and blossoms appear, and an otherwise dreary landscape becomes full of life again. Comparatively, in fall, the leaves change color from green to shades of yellow and red, and the air becomes cool and crisp. What's not to love? 
In any case, I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of July! We still have a whole sunny month of summer left, but it's already starting to feel like it's slipping away so quickly! I remember when I was a child, how much I used to hate how summer seemed to go by too fast. Even though I was fairly good at my studies, I never much cared for school, so as you can imagine, I lived for long summer days! 
I'm sure a lot of my nostalgia for summer comes from the fact that it usually meant some kind of vacation (since my mum is a teacher with the summer months off from work), and I LOVE vacations. Who doesn't!? Anyway, for today's Throwback Thursday photo, I picked one of me and my mum in a swan boat at Rainbow Valley in P.E.I. As I mentioned in a previous post, we actually went to P.E.I on two separate occasions, and I loved it both times!  

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