Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Hairstyles

Continuing on with talking about hair, I thought I would write a quick post about my favorite summer hairstyles. Depending on where you live and the type of hair that you have, certain styles may work better for you than others. Since it's too hot to blow-dry my hair every single day (although most days I can handle it), I tend to opt for a few no-heat styles to make my life easier!

My Favorite Down Hairstyles

Arguably the epitome of summer hair, beachy waves are always a great option! Luckily, my hair has a natural wave to it, so all I tend to need is a bit of serum to fight frizz. Another great option, is a side braid or clipped back bangs. I tend to like my hair down, so in order to keep cool, I like being able to pin some hair away from my face. Finally, if your naturally dried hair needs some help, I've found that braiding (dutch works better than french for this) a few sections of your hair gives it a nice wavy style. You can always use a flat iron on low heat to add a bit of curl to your ends. 

My Favorite Braids

Braids are always a fun way to style your hair. Because of my layers, I tend to gravitate towards side braids. The beauty of a braid is that it tends to look best when it's been a bit tousled and has a few pieces of hair out of place. If I'm in a rush, a simple side braid is my go-to style, while a half crown side braid and bun are reserved for if I've got a bit more time on my hands!

My Favorite Ponytails 

When it gets really hot outside, styling your hair into a ponytail can often be the best way to stay cool and still look polished. You can keep your hair's natural texture in the ponytail itself, while using a bit of serum and/or hairspray to slick down any unruly pieces. Adding a bit of volume at the crown is a great way to add a bit of glamour to a simple ponytail.

My Favorite Buns
Finally, there are buns! What I love about a bun, is that even though it's a fairly simple style, it can be customized and adjusted to suit whatever your style may be. Low, soft, messy buns can look effortless and chic, while I slicked back ballerina bun looks sophisticated and pulled-together. Top-knots are a great go-to for easy, on the go hair, although they can also be dressed up with the right outfit, makeup, and accessories!

If you're looking for inspiration, I highly recommend checking out these two blogs! They are both really great at teaching step-by-step braiding techniques! You can access them HERE and HERE.

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