Monday, September 21, 2015


So I know I've been absent from posting lately, but there has certainly been a lot going on these past few weeks, and it doesn't show any signs of letting up for awhile! It's been the good kind of busy though, with lots of exciting new changes and things to celebrate (wedding shower)! If you've been reading my blog regularly, you'll know that Ryan and I will be moving at the end of September, so we've been pretty preoccupied with that lately. We've been in three different apartments in the past two years, so we are definitely ready to settle in to our new apartment for at least a couple of years! 

Ryan also started his fall term of school recently, so his schedule changed from what we were used to all summer. Luckily, his school schedule isn't too crazy, so the transition hasn't been too overwhelming (yet)! I recently got a second job at JCrew so I'm really excited about that! I've been a big fan of JCrew since long before it came to Canada so I'm really looking forward to building a career with the brand! 

And finally, on Friday, September 18th, we did something that I honestly hadn't planned on doing for at least another year...


His name is Rocky and he's amazing! I am already so in love, and Ryan can certainly testify that I've turned into a bit of a mamma bear when it comes to our new doggy! 

He's a German Shepard / Siberian Husky mix and he's a very handsome fellow! We got him from the Ottawa Humane Society and couldn't be happier! He's about 3 years old and has a great temperament from what we've noticed so far. We saw his ad posted on Thursday and when he quickly was marked as 'adoption pending', I was very upset and worried. Luckily, we got a call from the Humane Society on Friday, saying the first person who had him on hold hadn't picked him up, so that afternoon, Ryan went to get him! 

We've been on quite a few long walks these past few days and it's been wonderful! We're really looking forward to being able to take him to the dog park and for long walks along the canal once we move downtown! 

Welcome to the family Rocky! 

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  1. He's a great doggy and I'm glad I convinced you to get him instead of waiting a whole other year!