Monday, November 2, 2015

Everyday Makeup Routine

Makeup-free face! 
So now that the weather is getting cooler here in Ottawa, I've been having to switch things up a bit when it comes to my makeup routine. In the warmer months, when it gets very hot and humid, I tend to go fairly light on my makeup, focusing primarily on skincare and sun protection. Now that the humidity has all but disappeared, I'm finding that I'm having to be a lot more generous with my moisturizers! I've even been going out without any of my face powder lately because I've found it a bit too drying. 

I only have one makeup bag, although sometimes I wish I had two, so that I could do touch-ups throughout the day. Since my job is pretty busy and I'm constantly on my feet, I can't imagine that I would have much time to do that kind of thing though! In any case, the makeup I apply in the morning is all that I rely on to last me through the day, so I certainly demand a lot from it in terms of performance.
Diorskin BB Creme

After I've exfoliated, cleansed, toned, and moisturized, the next thing I put on my face is my Dior Diorskin Nude BB Creme. I like that it gives me a very natural amount of coverage, and it blends really well. I am lucky enough to have decent skin, so I don't need anything too heavy when it comes to foundation. 

Next up, I tackle my brows. I am pretty happy with my eyebrows for the most part, although they are a bit too sparse in my opinion, so I use a pencil most days to fill them in a bit. The one I use is by NYX, in light brown. I don't pluck or wax, so they are just naturally thin unfortunately!
Best overall mascara on the market
in my opinion!

I can get ghostly pale in the winter, so I find blush and bronzer VERY helpful when I'm trying to not look like a corpse! The blush I've been using nearly everyday is by Tarte, in the shade Glisten, which is a warm shimmering peach color. 

I don't like to wear too much eye makeup on a daily basis, so I try and keep it simple with a sweep of nude shadow over my lids, followed by a thin layer of liquid liner before I put on my mascara. The shadows I use are from Coastal Scents. I tend to use Chamois Nude on my lids, followed by Sand Storm on the outer corners. In my opinion, mascara is the most important part. If I had to, I would skip every other step...but not mascara! I have to say, there are a number of fancy mascaras out there that have enticed me before, but I always come back to my L'Oreal Voluminous mascara. It's just such an excellent product...and the price is amazing! 
End result: casual, everyday makeup look!

Finally, I put a bit of Vaseline on my lips, and I'm good to go! I haven't been wearing any lipstick or gloss lately, but I'm thinking that will be changing soon now that I've been needing more color on my face! Lipstick is a tough one if you don't have the opportunity to reapply throughout the day. Instead, I find I tend to use tinted lip balms and stains for a more subtle, low maintenance look! 

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