Monday, November 9, 2015

Finding your Signature Scent(s)

Scent is one of the most intriguing and mystifying of the human senses. The way that certain smells can evoke memories and feelings is incredibly powerful. There is something uniquely captivating about the right scent and it's ability to create lasting impressions. 

For a long time, I thought that it would be so lovely to have one signature scent that would eventually become directly associated with if people would say, "oh, there goes Alexandra, she always smells like fresh cut roses". Well, I've since realized that people (including myself) are really quite complex and dynamic, and associating one scent with a person is far too limiting. For example, one day I could be feeling fun and feminine, and another, I could be feeling more intense and mysterious. Depending on my mood, I've got a selection of go-to scents that satisfy all of my olfactory inclinations. 


Chloe Eau de Parfume, Chloe (available here at Sephora)

Generally speaking, I tend to prefer light floral scents like rose and gardenia on a regular day basis. I don't care for anything that's either too sweet and powdery, or smells too much like nail polish remover (which unfortunately is not all that uncommon)! Aside from Chloe Eau de Parfume, my two other favorite scents are Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (for when I want a light, feminine, and classic perfume), and Parisienne, by Yves Saint Laurent (for when I want something a bit more bold and romantic). 


CK One Summer, Calvin Klein (available here at Sephora)

Oh CK One Summer...this scent brings back quite a multitude of memories! I wore this a lot in high school and I absolutely loved it! It's very fresh and clean, with a subtle musky scent to it. I remember going into Shoppers Drug Mart with the intention of getting some other perfume (hmm..what was popular 10 years ago?), but was pleasantly surprised with how One Summer sat on my skin. Alternatively, I also remember really wanting Cashmere Mist, by Donna Karan when it hit the shelves, but ended up turning away from it when I tried it on because it just didn't mix well with the chemistry of my skin. 


Miss Dior Eau de Parfume, Dior (available here at Sephora)

Personally, I don't much care for perfumes that have earthy top notes. I absolutely love having a hint of earthy or woodsy tones in floral perfumes (YSL Parisienne is a perfect example), but I find them too strong when they are the leading scent. I haven't had a chance to sample it on my skin yet, but I will admit that I am intrigued by White Woods, by Clean. The notes listed on the Sephora website look like a nice balance of sweet and earthy, and floral and woodsy, so it will be interesting to see how it really smells. 


Hypnotic Poison, Dior (available here at Sephora)

Last but not least, another nostalgic scent for me is Hypnotic Poison by Dior. Unless you happen to be a Bond Girl or some mysterious woman of intrigue, this perfume is definitely not your everyday kind of perfume. It's an incredibly potent blend of feminine notes like jasmine and vanilla, mixed with spicy notes like caraway, bitter almond, and jacaranda wood. If you like this kind of sexy perfume, you will probably also enjoy Black Orchid, by Tom Ford, or Opium, by Yves Saint Laurent.  

Ultimately, the best and most accurate way to determine what perfumes you like, is to test them on your skin. It could come in a beautiful bottle and smell absolutely exquisite when you spray it on a sample card, but then change completely when you apply it to your skin. It's also important to consider how a perfume evolves on your skin as well. I've tried perfumes that I've loved for the first hour, but hated as the day wore on. Since so much of it has to do with chemistry, it's important to really test it out properly yourself. Finding the right perfume is a very personal process and highly rewarding when it pays off in the end! 

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  1. I have several favs: Romance by Ralph Lauren, Acqua di Gioia but Armani, Anais Anais by Cacherel, Bright Crystal by Versace, Dot by Marc Jacobs, and a couple of colognes like 4711 eau de cologne by Maurer & Wirtz or Evening in Paris by Bourjois ( b/c it reminds me of my Mum ) I tend to like citrus and hyacinthe type notes but love Lily of the Valley too.