Friday, May 22, 2015

Feature Destination: Prince Edward Island

It won't be long until summer is finally here, and along with it, sunny days and warm weather! For some families, summer also means vacation time, as kids aren't in classes all day long. Since my mother is a teacher, we were very fortunate to be able to take a number of lovely trips most summers. One of my favorite trips, was when my parents rented out a beach-front cottage in Prince Edward Island.
We actually visited PEI on two separate occasions, the first time being in August 1999, and then again four years later in 2003. The first year we were there, we stayed in French River. I remember we took the scenic route by taking the train to Moncton, and then renting a car the rest of the way. My brother and I were amazed at how incredible Confederation Bridge was! While in PEI, we visited Kensington, Cavendish, Summerside, Tignish, and Charlottetown. One of my favorite memories from our trip was when we happened upon Rainbow Valley, in Cavendish. Unfortunately, it's since been closed, but I still remember how much fun we had at the family theme park. 
My parents took us to Dalvay By the Sea, the hotel where Road to Avonleigh was shot. The hotel is a beautiful Queen Anne-style Victorian, with a grand tea room that overlooks the water. We also went to a smaller, but quite charming tea room called The Blue Winds, as well as the Kitchen Witch Tea Room, where my parents had their tea leaves read. 

While we were staying in Summerside, my parents bought both me and my brothers "PEI Dirt Shirts", which have a distinct color from the red earth soil of Prince Edward Island. Having never seen anything quite like it, I remember being fascinated by the red earth! I think my brother and I thought we had gone to Mars! 

Aside from the various attractions (Anne of Green Gables being a major one that I really couldn't leave out!), PEI is a natural beauty with lovely scenery and quiet beaches. The people are kind and friendly, and the atmosphere is welcoming. It's been quite some time since I've last been, but I certainly hope to visit again! 

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