Thursday, May 21, 2015

Throwback Thursday + Lately I've Been..

Good morning! It's a bit chilly here in Ottawa today but compared to the intensely hot, humid weather that's sure to be coming our way, it's quite refreshing. I'm kicking off today's post with my Throwback Thursday photo of the week, followed by my take on the survey "Lately I've Been..", which I got from fellow blogger Julie!

Despite the bright glare from our life-jackets, it's still possible to make out four people (my dad, myself, and my two brothers) standing in the doorway of a cabin. Since my mum isn't in the shot, I think I can safely assume that she's the one taking the picture! Every cruise requires all passengers to participate in a lifeboat drill at the beginning of the trip (for obvious safety reasons). It might not look like it, but those life-jackets are surprisingly bulky! I'm not a very big hockey fan now, but I think the hat I'm wearing has a Toronto Maple Leafs logo on it! Clearly we all really liked ball caps back then! Oh, and I guess I missed my baby brother's memo about socks and sandals! As silly as we may look, going on cruises with my family was a lot of fun and always an adventure! I have so many wonderful memories together from our vacations!

Now on to the survey, "Lately I've Been.."

*Making: Lists. I am a "list girl" and it's kind of my hyper-organized way of managing things! 

*Cooking: Slow-cooker pork. It's so tender and the flavor is phenomenal! I've been doing a lazy version lately by just using a combination of original and honey dijon Diana Sauce.

*Drinking: Coffee. Lots of coffee. 

*Reading: To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. I read this back when I was in grade 9 but it's such a classic that I enjoy it even now. 

*Wanting: So many things! I guess if I had to pick one right now, I would probably say another cup of coffee! 

*Looking: Forward to going to Kingston with my boyfriend to visit family for my birthday in June!

*Playing: The Simpsons: Tapped Out. My boyfriend got me into it last year and now I'm slightly addicted! 

*Wasting: Too much time watching Mad Men! I'm only starting it now so I've been binge watching lately.

*Wishing: We could go on vacation! I really want to go to Charleston, SC, and Savannah, GA. 

*Enjoying: Everyday with Ryan! 

*Waiting: For our lease to end in September so we can move into a new apartment downtown!

*Liking: Sunny days! 

*Wondering: How great Jurassic World is going to be..awesome or SUPER AWESOME! We're planning on going with my family in Kingston once it's in theaters so I'll be sure to review it!

*Loving: My family. They are always so loving and supportive. I feel incredibly blessed everyday. 

*Hoping: I'll actually remember to set aside time to paint my nails today. They are definitely in need of some TLC!

*Needing: To start going on walks with Ryan more often! We had a good routine for awhile but we need to get back into it. 

*Wearing: Right now? Pajamas. Don't's technically still the morning.

*Following: Lots of foodie blogs lately. If you're looking for something incredibly delicious and aren't too worried about calories, Michelle has got some pretty amazing recipes! Check it out here!

*Noticing: All the beautiful flowers and blossoms. The trees are green and the birds are constantly chirping! 

*Knowing: I have so much to be thankful for and lots to look forward to! 

*Thinking: About doing some self-directed learning. I've been really interested in learning more about different animals so maybe I should start there!

*Feeling: Happy and hopeful for the future!

*Bookmarking: Lots of DIY projects! I'll share them once I give them a try!

*Opening: My mind to new things and new ideas! 

Feel free to share some of your answers to the survey in the comments below! 


  1. Too bad you're not wearing an Ottawa Sens hat honey!

  2. I like our tradition of always taking a picture with our life jackets on in the cabin hallway!